The Original Free Real-time Users Online Counter

About UsersOnline

Users Online is a free service that allows you to track how many visitors are on your website right now. It works by tracking who has accessed one of your pages within the last 5 minutes. Add UsersOnline to you pages today!

Getting Started, it's Simple!

Copy either the Image or Javascript code into your website, blog, profile. Note - The javascript version is more flexible when it comes to matching it up with your site theme, however, most profiles only accept the Image Code.

Image Code:


Javascript Code:


Custom Colors

Image Code: Change the c (font color) and b (background color) parameters to your preference. Also, you may have to mess with `line-height` and `vertical-align` css attributes if you want your image to line up with text next to it.

Javascript Code: Javascript colors can be controlled by adding a.uo-count { color: #FF0000; } to your CSS.

If you need help finding a "hex" color, you can visit:

This users online counter can be added to many sites such tumblr, blogspot, myspace, wordpress, and many more. If the "javascript code" does not work, trying using the "image code" version.